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Visit integrates with Activity Stream for a bigger picture

Understanding, identifying and activating audiences are the key aims of award winning data analytics tool Activity Stream.

At Visit we deliver a unified customer journey from ticket delivery to secondary revenue opportunities in food, beverage, merchandise sales and table bookings. Visit and Activity Stream are excited to announce their integration to deliver an even stronger set of services.

“Visit works to make the customer journey as smooth as possible, with tickets, preorders and table reservations joined in one interface. We’ll be able to bring the preorders and restaurant bookings into AS, so the venues using Visit will have a full view of customer interactions” Says Sander Jøesaar, Head of Customer Success at Activity Stream.

Using Activity Stream venues can connect with & grow audiences by knowing what they want out of the live experience. The Activity Stream Theatres & Concert Venues Solution means venues can use data to check annual sales goals, look into audiences' buying patterns, and create quality customer moments.

“The ability of Visit to associate F&B, merchandise sales and table bookings with a customer, the specific event or show being seen, the show-time and the customer seating location meant it made perfect sense to integrate with Activity Stream. This integration means clients have access to even more quality data to understand, identify and activate audiences” says Phillip Markwick, CO-Founder of Visit.

Both companies look forward to integrating so they can help organisations get back on track for the recovery period.

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